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P3D Solutions, Inc has partnered with 21st Century Breaching Products as their products pair perfectly with our concept of lowering the N.E.W. of charges and generally making breaching safer for breachers and assaulters. The 12-18” det cord loop traditionally used to cap into a charge can increase the N.E.W. by 50-100% in the case of the BreachPop charges. The 21CBK Safe Connector allows charges to be primed safely and without the need of this det cord loop, keeping the overall N.E.W. of the charges low. It also allows consistent initiation of sheet explosives without a deta-prime booster when making a BreachPop strip charge.

P3D Solutions, Inc is proud to affiliate themselves with Tactical Energetic Entry Systems. For 30 years, TEES has been providing competent, safe breaching courses to military and law enforcement professionals from all over the world. Headed up by Alan Brosnan, a former assaulter and breacher with the New Zealand SAS, TEES continues to adapt and implement up to date breaching methods and equipment into their curriculum. Attending a TEES explosives breaching course will provide you with a license key to the P3D Solutions, Inc Breacher App, instruction on the BreachPop® line of tamped charge casings and great instruction on the safe handling and employment of explosives. 

P3D Solutions designs and manufactures innovative equipment for US

and allied security and fighting forces. With our end-user background and

direct line of communication to the users of today and tomorrow through

continued service in those same communities, P3D Solutions can listen and incorporate additional needs into our products.


In short, we provide “Professional Solutions to Professional Problems”.


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