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P3D Solutions History



P3D Solutions was born while two Special Operations soldiers were serving tours of duty overseas

discussing the lack of user-friendliness in breaching charge construction and overall unwieldiness of

constructed charges. The intent was to harness emerging technology in order to rapidly advance the

introduction of new equipment and provide the opportunity to create specialized apparatuses for specific

customers, at their request.


These soldiers, from two different nations’ Special Operations Communities, have nearly 35 years of

combined Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations experience between them; and have

participated in live and training operations on five continents. Additionally, they continue to serve their

countries in these roles, ensuring they stay at the fore-front of training and operational requirements and

guaranteeing exposure to the latest methods and procedures of tactical operations.


Initial Product Design & Roll-Out


An idea was introduced during a relevant training course utilizing a compact, water tamped door charge.

More specifically, a thawed freezer popsicle was taped to the back of a charge for tamping purposes,

which worked remarkably well. While freezer pops are tactically impractical, the idea stuck, and an

operationally feasible version was to become the first product offered by P3D Solutions: cue the BreachPop.


Designed by Assaulters for Assaulters, the BreachPop has several key features that have made it a

success wherever tested and shown. Starting with the premise of creating a reduced net explosive weight

(NEW) charge utilizing tamping, initial testing showed the ability to half the NEW necessary to create the

same effect at the breach point. The next step was to simplify the charge building process. With a

premeasured charge container, and crystal-clear instructions, the basic charges can be constructed in

under two minutes with no special knowledge beyond basic explosives handling. The final goal of

interfacing with current gear was easily achieved by utilizing a standard M4 magazine pouch to model

exterior dimensions. An M4 magazine pouch will hold three of the standard BreachPops or a single

Magnum BreachPop, allowing Assaulters and Operators to continue to run their existing gear without modification.


To sum it up, the overarching goal for the BreachPop was to meet the following criteria:

 Reduced N.E.W. – Water-gel tamping reduces the necessary N.E.W. by half or more.

Reduced Blast Overpressure - The water-gel tamping medium absorbs up to 60% of the overpressure generated by the charge.

 Utilize Existing Fighting Systems – Fits in STANAG magazine pouches; M4, SCAR, HK416, etc.

 User Friendliness – Quick and easy preparation, with single procedural approach in all versions.



P3D Solutions finds innovative answers to problems facing the law enforcement and military communities.

Utilizing the latest technology, including 3D modeling and printing, and in-house, international SOF

subject matter experts allows them to:


 Rapidly design and prototype custom products that you need

 Continuously design, test and verify proprietary products

 Scale production runs to ensure the end user is satisfied and mission capable




P3D Solutions designs and manufactures innovative equipment for US and allied security and fighting

forces. With our end-user background and direct line of communication to the users of today and

tomorrow through continued service in those same communities, P3D Solutions can listen and

incorporate additional needs into our products.


In short, we provide “Professional Solutions to Professional Problems”.

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