BreachPop #1 Linear

Bi-fold linear in action.png

BreachPop #1 Linear

The BreachPop #1 Linear has a channel in the face to fit an assortment of det cord combinations from 36gr/ft to 100gr/ft.

Optional loads include: 18gr+18gr, 18gr+25gr, 25gr+25gr, 50gr, 50gr+18gr, 50gr+25gr and 100gr det cords.

Positive breaches can be achieved at 36gr/ft on Solid Wood and Class I Metal doors and 50gr/ft on Commercial Wood pull doors. Blast Gauge overpressure readings show BreachPop #1 Linears reduce overpressure by approximately 60% compared to the same N.E.W. charge constructed using traditional methods such as duct tape, foam and wood.

Further reductions are achieved by reducing the N.E.W. up to 50% for the same target effect!

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