Frequently asked questions

Who can order BreachPops?

Sales of the BreachPop by P3D Solutions is limited to US Law Enforcement and
Military of US and allied countries. Contact us for specific requirements and restrictions based on your location.

How do I order BreachPops?

Contact us through the website or send emails directly to contact@p3dsolutions.com for
price lists, credential verification and ordering procedures.

Do BreachPops contain any explosives?

NO! The BreachPop can be shipped and carried with no explosive-related restrictions as it is up
to the end user to load their explosives into the explosive charge container prior to use.

Do you have any shot data related to the BreachPops effectiveness on actual doors?

Target data is available in the form of an information presentation. A more detailed shot log will be made available to customers who purchase BreachPop. We will continue to update
and publish shot data as more is gathered. Ultimately, the end user is responsible for
conducting training shots to ensure they have valid data based on differences in doors across
the country and the world. For example, while the BreachPop #2 IDC provides a positive
breach on the US interior doors it has been tested on, locking mechanism construction
differences have shown them to NOT provide a 100% positive breach on European interior
doors when placed in the same manner. Ultimately, it is imperative you have trained and
breached essentially the same target multiple times prior to using the BreachPop in a live