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BreachPop® #3


BreachPop® #3

The BreachPop #3 will hold three pieces of 25 or 50 grain det cord in its channel, or 0.75” wide sheet explosive. This allows you to attack heavier targets while still minimizing your N.E.W. When a piece of P3D Solutions carbon is placed on the front, the BreachPop #3 acts as a pushing charge and has been shown to defeat Class I & II Metal Doors. Two linked together form a mini-nunchuk that will defeat a deadbolt/doorknob combo and still fit into your magazine pouch, even with the pushing medium on its face. Linking three creates a highly effective sliding hinge charge that will defeat wood, metal and fiberglass pull doors. The channel of the BreachPop #3 amplifies the blast wave, proving devastating on heavy metal doors!

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