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Terms of Use, Warning and Disclaimer

When loaded with explosives, the BreachPop is a fundamentally dangerous product. Improper

application may result in serious injury or death. P3D Solutions, Inc and BreachPop, LLC

assume no liability, expressed or implied, from the use or misuse of this breaching apparatus.

While the BreachPop has been designed to simplify both the construction and deployment of

the breaching apparatus, it is simply a tool. As the old adage goes, humans are more important

than hardware and there is no substitute for proper training. “Training” in the case of the

BreachPop includes, first and foremost, explosives handlers training. Second to that is

familiarization with the BreachPop and its specific application. While shot data has been

gathered in the development of this product, it is imperative you have trained and breached

essentially the same target prior to using the BreachPop in a live operation.

If you do not have the proper training, please contact us so we can recommend schools to

attend that will ensure your safety and effectiveness operationally.

Privacy and Safety

P3D Solutions, Inc and BreachPop, LLC take your privacy very seriously. We utilize Googles

GAME encryption, developed by Zix for G-Suite business specifically. This ensures

credentials/letterhead are secured as necessary for our customers. Secure communication can

also be made available via WhatsApp and Signal at your request.

Payment Options

We accept payment via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Check or Bank Transfer. Confirmation of

funds must be received prior to product shipment.

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