21st Century Breaching Safe Connection System

P3D recommends the following safe connection system by 21st Century Breaching for attachment to BreachPop sliding hinge charges and other larger exterior door charges. The Safe Connection System can be added to any order of the BreachPops.


The Safe Connection System is 21st Century Breaching Kit’s two-piece priming system.  Utilizing a simple clip-in-clip-out method of priming, the Safe Connection System provides breachers with a safer, simpler, more efficient way to prime.  The Safe Connection System is designed to fit both standard military and law enforcement blasting caps, while providing a direct prime. Eliminating the need for the “det cord loop” and giving operators the ability to travel safely, the Safe Connection System is the only priming system on the market that complies with military safety standards.

NSN 1375-01-692-3942


Please visit 21st Century Breachings Website to find out more about the Safe Connection System and other 21st Century Breaching products.

ITW Nexus Quick Cap Connector


The QCC products are designed to be pre-set on the det cord by “snap fitting” to it, allowing the blasting cap to be slid in and secured at the LCC or the breach point. With the breacher in mind, the QCC allows the operator a simple, secure system of interface with the det cord. Additionally, the small plastic tabs on the end allow you to zip tie the blasting cap to the QCC for additional retention.


- Field Expedient adaptors to be utilized with Modernized Demolition Initiations [MDI]

- Chemical resistant material

- Small form factor for easy use and storage

- Quick-Tie compatible for greater strength


The Nexus Quick Cap Connector comes in several varieties for single strand det cord attachment, listed below:

CSI -    Connector, Single Instantaneous (green)

CDI -     Connector, Dual Instantaneous (tan)

CSD -     Connector, Single Delay (black)


Bi-Stable Composite pushing medium

This Bi-Stable Composite pushing medium is the perfect accessory for the BreachPops. Adding it to the face of a BreachPop will create a pushing charge (PushPop) that is just as slim and easy to carry as a BreachPop built for blasting. P3D Solutions recommends using a single piece for charges up to 100 grains per and doubling the carbon for over 100 grains. Now you can breach a class I metal door with a charge that fits in a magazine pouch!

Strips are precut to 5” x .7” to match the face of a BreachPop and sold in packs of 10.

¾ Inch Hydrogel


Hydrogel is the most popular adhesive in the special forces breaching community despite starting life as a medical product. It sticks in cold and wet conditions to just about anything. Don’t try asking your 18D for it, just pick it up here!  These rolls are pre-cut to match the width of a BreachPop, saving you time, and sold in convenient 25 foot sections.


Instant Stick

The Instant Stick™ is 21st Century Breaching Kit’s patented bi-stable composite tube. Perfect for use as a prop stick; it comes in 82-inch lengths, weighs only one pound, and forms a 2-inch diameter split tube when extended. When stowed they form a compact 5-inch-wide by 3.5-inch-high cylinder that fits in a cargo pocket. Instant Stick is designed to support up to 50 pounds and can handle the heaviest of wall charges. They are designed to meet MIL-STD-810G and withstand harsh and rugged environments.


Rapid Door System

The 21st Century Breaching Kit™ “Rapid Door System” is pre-built linear door charge (comes without explosives). The system comes with an 80-inch Linear frame, a Safe Connector, and pre-placed adhesive. Adding explosives is quick and easy; the system is designed to effortlessly accept from one to five lines of detonation cord. The system can be easily folded or rolled after applying explosives. It is made from bi-stable composite tape and is self-deploying and self-supporting. This system supports long term storage, improved foot and vehicle transport, and significantly decreases deployment times. Once deployed they form perfect rigid charges and are self-supporting; just peel the adhesive covering and stick. The system is designed for very low to no fragmentation.

Shock Tube Adapter

The Standard Shock Tube Adapter is part of 21st Century Breaching Kit’s Initiating System. The Shock Tube Adapter is capable of instantly connecting and disconnecting to/from the 21st Century Breaching Kit Firing Device, providing safety and versatility that no other initiating system can offer. The standard shock tube adapter allows users to set the length of their shock tube while creating a tight seal with the shock tube to ensure reliable firing.

Safe initiating systems


The 21st Century Breaching Kit™ “Safe Initiating System” is comprised of the Safe Connector, Firing Device, and Shock Tube Adapter. Each of these tools have quick connect/disconnect capabilities, allowing for SAFE transportation of explosive charges and modular assembly while in the field. Each component of the Safe Initiating System is designed to fit together the “right way,” making assembly quick, easy, and intuitive. Altogether, the Safe Initiating System is the quickest and safest way to initiate an explosive charge.

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